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Milling Operations – When to buy and understand ownership Click Here
Date/Time: 1/29/2020 1:00 PM

In the paving business having the right equipment is important. Knowing when to make the leap into the next stage of growing. Milling Machines are game changers for a company. Learn from an industry pro what type of machine to purchase and learn the true cost of ownership. Whether it is skid steer with cold planer or a rear cut machine or a large commercial machine. Renting vs owning. Type of truck and trailer needed to haul machinery. How to breakdown costs and hourly rates. Training crews. Designing the perfect mill crew. Forecasting, if you’re ready to make the next step. Understanding the purpose of why milling is needed. Edge milling and keyways. Understanding how grades affect project and how important your groundman is to the job. Equipment Needed on a crew. Milling Machine, Truck and Trailer, Water Truck, Sweeper skid steer or backhoe. Overlay and Reconstruction. Milling in place, pulverizing. This class will answer your questions and educate how adding milling operations will increase your production and how you estimate every project.


Topic: IPAD Pro in field – Communication is everything Click Here
Date/Time: 1/30/2020 10:00 AM

In the paving business, great communication between office and field can be a real issue. It can make or break a project. In this proactive class you will learn how to take accurate field notes and photos. A class like this does not come around every day, this step by step process can change your company’s communication.

This interactive class will teach you how to store all information in folders. Whether you are an estimator or a project manager. Clarity is everything. Estimating department visits site and downloads a map, mark map with all details and write notes, collect photos, makes creating a clear vision for sales. Project Managers- collects all photos and stores in job folders. PMs to collect daily info, production sheets and sends detailed job notes to office. Using software and apps to have everything at your fingertips, no more paper. Apps Needed. Penultimate, Evernote, Measure Map Pro. OneDrive and Basecamp. Download these apps and be ready for this step by step process to change your every day note taking. Need IPAD Pro with pen. You will leave this class ready to inspect and collect pics and details to assist in maximizing detailed field notes.

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