At Eosso Brothers, precision meets perfection in pavement planning and construction. Our unique approach to pavement management combines the highest standards in the paving industry today with highly trained employees and clear community education that enables Eosso customers to get the longest lifespan possible on any paving project. Learn more here.


Eosso Brothers utilizes sealcoating as part of a routine maintenance approach to pavement management, allowing our customers to greatly extend the lifespan of a paving project. Sealcoating adds several years to the life of your pavement, keeps it looking like new and saves our customers lots of money, maximizing every paving investment! Learn more here.

Emergency Repairs

Emergencies happen. Things break. Inclement weather takes its toll. Eosso Brothers Paving is there for you! We build ongoing relationships with customers to be there for all your needs, including when you need us most…in the event of an urgent repair. New customer? Great! We’ll happily assess and fix your problems when the other guys can’t. Learn more here.

Infrared Repairs

Eosso Brothers Paving is the leading New Jersey resource for infrared patching technology. We not only utilize it (and have for nearly 20 years), we train other professionals how to perform the infrared repair method. Infrared technology makes for the cleanest, greenest and most cost-effective pavement repair service available in the industry today. Learn more here.

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Eosso Brothers featured in Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine. For details CLICK HERE