Asphalt Core Testing

Take The Guess-Work Out

Core testing is an extremely precise tool Eosso Brothers Paving utilizes to determine what method of pavement repair is needed.  We take a sample of the pavement core directly, allowing us to see exactly what is going on with the subgrade layers of your pavement and identify potential problems before they occur.  This also allows us to test the drainage capacity of underlying soil, which will determine if and where drains are needed to maximize the lifespan of your pavement.

Core testing enables Eosso Brothers to develop the most accurate pavement management plan possible and give you the best quote for your project.  Soil classification and thickness variables are major factors to understand properly when planning your paving project.  There are many factors that determine the lifespan of pavement; with core testing, nothing is left to chance or guess-work.  We can design the best plan for your needs.

Core testing determines the following factors

    • Pavement Thickness
    • Bond between pavement layers
    • Soil type under pavement
    • Drainage

Remove Core

Check Depth

Check Drainage


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