Residential Sealcoat Special

Eosso Brothers will be in your area offering a onetime only; 15% off Driveway Sealcoat Special. Please sign up on our portal to see if your driveway qualifies (terms & conditions will apply).

Sealcoating is a simple, preventative maintenance process that protects and extends the life of your driveway. The key to maintaining quality pavement is in maintenance (much the same way your car needs to have routine oil changes). 

Eosso Brothers Paving uses a refined coal tar emulsion sealer with additives for the sealcoating process. Driveways are done by hand with large application brushes. You will enhance your home’s curb appeal for just pennies per square foot. 

Why Sealcoat

  • Save money and increase investment value – you’ll get on average at least twice the lifespan on your pavement with proper sealcoating.
  • Restore appearance – sealcoating makes your pavement look like new!
  • Prevent water damage – water deteriorates pavement faster than anything. Sealcoating prevents water from seeping through pavement, causing damage.
  • Protective Layer – Sealcoating protects pavement from water, salt, weather, gas and other petrol-based chemicals, all of which cause damage to pavement.


Why would my driveway NOT be eligible?

This is a driveway sealcoat special only (does not include: crackfilling, asphalt failures, or pothole repairs). If your driveway needs additional attention, please feel free to call Eosso Brothers to schedule an appointment for an estimate. 

Eosso Brothers featured in Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine. For details CLICK HERE