The Eosso Team


The Brothers

Gary Eosso

Gary is the President and Project Manager of Eosso Brothers Paving. He has been in the industry for over 30 years. Gary grew up loving paving and heavy equipment. From age 10 he worked with his dad, learning to problem solve and work in the paving industry. He learned from the ground up how to work and lead effectively. In 1993, he and Thomas started Eosso Brothers Paving. Gary has excellent attention to detail, leadership ability and effectively manages Eosso Brothers projects and staff. He meets with his team daily to go over projects and make sure all details are understood. Gary is on site every day working and ensuring the quality workmanship Eosso Brothers Paving is known for.

Thomas Eosso

Thomas is the Vice President and Chief Estimator for Eosso Brothers Paving and has been in the paving industry for over 30 years. He grew up in the construction business with his dad learning first-hand the importance doing quality work. Thomas served for 8 years in the US Army, further refining his attention to detail and commitment to excellence. In 1993, Thomas and Gary started Eosso Brothers Paving.

Thomas has since become a national speaker on infrared technology for the National Pavement Expo and is an advisory board member and writer for Pavement Maintenance Magazine. Thomas has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. He was instrumental in creating Eosso Brother’s courtesy cart, the first of its kind nationwide, to minimize inconvenience for homeowners during the paving process. He takes great pride in helping homeowners, making sure no cars are towed during a project and ensuring raving reviews from communities about the kindness and quality work of Eosso Brother’s staff.

Anthony Eosso

Anthony is a Trainer and Estimator for Eosso Brothers Paving. Anthony grew up with his brothers in the industry but instead of working directly with them on projects, Anthony pursued a college degree. He later joined Eosso Brothers with a focus on creativity, teamwork and training. Anthony has managed Eosso Brothers Infrared department since 1995. With his acute attention to detail and quality, Anthony is well known for fixing problems created by other paving companies. He has developed creative solutions for aerial maps and signs and is an integral part of creating long-lasting customer relationships.

The Staff

Robert Tampone

Robert began working for Eosso Brothers in 2000 as a lead truck driver. Upon expansion of the company in 2009, he became Eosso Brother’s Operations & Hiring Manager. Rob’s strong organization skills help projects to run smoothly from start to finish. He carefully plans for safety provisions and deliveries on projects and ensures only the best quality and workmanship from the entire Eosso family team.

Ed Larsen

Ed is Eosso Brother’s Mechanic and Fleet manager and comes with over 30 years of experience. Ed has known Tom since they were in high school together. When it was time to expand, who better to pick than someone who the Eosso family knew to have strong skills and a strong character. Ed can fabricate anything out of a piece of metal and knows how to troubleshoot any equipment problem, keeping everything running in top condition. He has been essential for Eosso Brother’s continued growth and commitment to excellence.

Kimberly Lentz

Admin. Coordinator

Wendy Wilson


Chris Neyhart

Estimating Assistant

Jessica Eosso

Office Assistant

Team Leaders

Fabio Salvatore

Sealcoat Crew Leader

Ralph Diehl

Milling Crew Leader

Charlie Graham

Linestripe Crew Leader

Rob Forbes

Infrared/Drainage Crew Leader

David Cassidy

Clean up Crew Leader

Kyle Bracken

Milling Operator

The Eosso Crew

Eosso Brothers is extremely proud to have only the best of the best crew and staff. We hire only the best….period. As a family owned and operated business, we take great pride in our work and our crew is part of the family name and reputation. We pride ourselves in carefully selecting each and every person that works with Eosso Brothers, ensuring our community and customers the highest quality workmanship and best trained staff possible.

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