The Eosso Story


Tom, Gary, Anthony and Kim Eosso grew up in their dad’s excavating business, Don Lin Construction. They developed a passion for construction from an early age and grew up learning the important aspects of running a business: quality workmanship, integrity, hard work and impeccable customer service. They all enjoyed working in the family environment and knew they could count on each other to do things right. It was a rewarding experience for the entire family which brought them all closer together. When the economy took a downturn in the late 80’s the family watched their dad’s company go out of business. This devastated the whole family, but it served as a catalyst for future endeavors.

After working for other companies for a few years, Tom and Gary felt that something important was missing. Working as a family their whole life brought basic family values and deep integrity, trust and partnership into their work world. They found these basic values missing in other work environments. Tom and Gary weren’t happy cutting corners on projects or working with people who didn’t care about the quality of work performed. This was the point where Tom and Gary decided it was time to start their own business. They knew they could provide a better quality product and better service than anyone else in the industry.

Eosso Brothers Paving was created in 1992 with nothing but these core values and a desire to provide the best workmanship possible. Gary loaned the business $2,500 and Tom worked diligently to bring in initial projects to fund the fledgling business. Their hard work, determination and commitment to quality paid off and created what is now Eosso Brothers Paving. After completing college, Anthony joined the team. Kim also came on board with her expertise to provide necessary oversight and management for the growing company. The dream had become a reality!

our-story-picEosso Brothers Paving was built on the same values the family grew up with: quality workmanship, integrity, hard work and impeccable customer service, combined with the trust of family and a “never quit” attitude. “No” is not an answer and “can’t” is not in Eosso Brothers vocabulary. This solid foundation of values led Eosso Brothers Paving to grow into a successful company quickly. Unfortunately as other people joined the company, they didn’t all have these high standards and values. In 2010, the company went through a thorough restructuring process, putting policies in place to ensure everyone working with Eosso Brothers understands the company culture of excellence and holds the same core values the company was founded on. Some people left the company, and other people came in their place. The new dynamic worked, enabling the company to grow even more while maintaining core family values and trust the company was built on.

As Eosso Brothers continues to grow, we are determined to recruit the best employees possible and keep our commitment to quality, integrity and customer service strong. These values are what have made Eosso Brothers successful and what keep our customers coming back to us. Be part of a winning team. Be part of the Eosso Brothers family.

Be part of a winning team. Be part of the Eosso Brothers Family.

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