What We Do

From commercial properties to communities and non-profits, we pave it all!

Eosso Brothers Paving is the leading NJ resource for commercial and residential paving needs. We specialize in working with condos, townhomes, retirement communities and office complexes.



Milling & Paving

Pavement work is done in one of two ways: with a pavement overlay (also known as resurfacing) when the subgrade is in good shape or through complete pavement and subgrade reconstruction…

Asphalt Repair Infrared Patching

From potholes to sinkholes, we can patch and repair your pavement to extend its life without breaking the bank! We offer traditional patching services as well as infrared patching…

Excavation & Grading

Whether you need your dirt road maintained, are looking to lay a good foundation for your paving project or need to ensure proper water flow, we can help…


Sealcoating is a simple preventative maintenance process that protects and greatly extends the life of pavement. The key to good quality pavement is in maintenance. Just like oil in a car has to be changed and a yard must be mowed, pavement has to be maintained to keep it at its best…


Crack filling is an essential part of both preventative maintenance and pavement repair. Cracks let in water, which causes the pavement base to become unstable and deteriorate…

Line Striping

Line-striping refers to the painted lines and markings on your pavement. They can be used to designate parking spaces, handicapped parking, reserved parking spaces, loading zones and more…

Catch Basins

Catch basins and pavement management go hand in hand. Catch basins are used to collect and facilitate water drainage, keeping water from pooling on your pavement…


Eosso Brothers Paving installs and repairs concrete sidewalks, curbs and aprons for both commercial and residential settings…

Sport Courts

Whether you’re looking to install a new sports court or maintain an existing one, we’re here to help increase the value of your community…

What We Do

Eosso Brothers Paving is a family owned and operated full-service paving contractor in Farmingdale, New Jersey. We specialize in delivering exceptional quality and customer service to:

Townhomes, Apartments, Condos, Retirement & HOA Communities

For close to 3 decades we’ve served local property owners, property managers and facilities staff. We understand the local market and can customize a solution that maximizes your parking surface investment.

Retail & Restaurants

We develop custom solutions to suit your property’s needs. Whether you’re in need of maintenance on your parking lot or a completely new one, we’ve got you covered!

Commercial & Industrial

We specialize in developing custom solutions for commercial and industrial properties! From new construction to resurfacing, we can handle it all!

Non-Profits & Religious Institutes

Paving and maintaining schools, churches and other religious institutes is our speciality. We develop custom, systemized plans to ensure that we don’t interfere with school and religious schedules while completing your project.

Let’s Talk Apples To Apples

Eosso Brothers Paving has built a reputation in excellence. We deliver our customers the best solutions to meet each project’s individual needs. This is extremely important to consider when getting multiple quotes for your paving project; make sure you are comparing apples to apples with what you are being quoted. It’s common to have drastically different pricing for a large scale paving project if you are not comparing the same work being done.

Eosso Brothers Paving develops a personalized assessment for every project we quote; we educate our customers on what is needed and all available options, giving you the ability to make the best decision possible to fit your needs and budget.

If you have any questions about our services, educational events, career opportunities or anything else, contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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