Catch Basins


Why Catch Basins & Proper Drainage are Important

Catch basins and pavement management go hand in hand. Catch basins are used to collect and facilitate water drainage, keeping water from pooling on your pavement. Standing water will cause pavement to fail prematurely and can also be a liability for property owners. This can be easily prevented by having well-designed and maintained drainage options.

Go Green & Stay up to Code with Eco Grates

Eco grates are a great way to be both environmentally conscious and stay up to date with current property codes. Eco grates keep out animals and large trash, facilitating better drainage with fewer problems. Older style grates have larger openings that easily clog drains by letting in trash, excess leaves and animals looking for shelter. Eco grates minimize these problems by having smaller openings, keeping your catch basins easily maintainable and fully functional.

catch the problems early

Eosso Brothers Paving installs catch basins and other appropriate drainage options. We also perform annual catch basin and drain inspections, cleaning and maintenance as part of our pavement management planning. Remember, catch basins and drains must be clean and functional in order to keep water off of your pavement! Both catch basins and drains can be installed in pavement and grassy areas, as needed. We will evaluate your needs and make the best recommendations for your project. Take a look at the types of drains and catch basins we have installed.

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