Reconstruction, Resurfacing & Fabric Installation

Pavement work is done in one of two ways: with a pavement overlay (also known as resurfacing) when the subgrade is in good shape or through complete pavement and subgrade reconstruction. Minor problems can be fixed through repair work but when pavement deteriorates beyond a certain point, it needs to be replaced. The extent of damage will determine whether resurfacing or complete pavement and subgrade reconstruction is needed. Core testing can be done to determine the health of the asphalt subgrade.

When pavement is resurfaced, only the top layer of asphalt is replaced. The top asphalt layer is removed through the milling process and the subgrade is prepared for resurfacing. We often use paving fabric to extend the life of a pavement overlay. We use a high quality paving fabric called Mirapave® which forms an impermeable membrane between the pavement layers. Mirapave® prevents water from seeping through the pavement and causing damage to the underlying asphalt and subgrade. Use of paving fabric can improve the lifespan of pavement from 50% – 150%, greatly increasing its durability.

Pavement Solutions
For Your New Parking lot


Asphalt paving of parking lots is a definite specialty for our experienced team. For close to 3 decades we’ve served local property owners, property managers and facilities staff. We understand the local market and can customize a solution that maximizes your parking surface investment.

If your property is in need of a new parking surface, the Eosso team is a leader in new parking lot installations. First we’ll perform all necessary grading, base layer construction and site work. Then we’ll create a drainage system often consisting of catch basins and other strategies. This will help to create a quality long lasting parking surface. The final step is applying the layers of pavement. After the paving is complete, the surface will be rolled and compacted to create a smooth quality surface.

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