Safety Features


Line-striping & Pavement Markings

Line-striping refers to the painted lines and markings on your pavement. They can be used to designate parking spaces, handicapped parking, reserved parking spaces, loading zones and more. Keeping line-striping bright and visible increases a properties visual appeal and the line-striping’s effectiveness as a safety tool.

Eosso Brothers Paving will line-stripe your pavement and keep you up to date with federally mandated ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards for the appropriate number and layout of handicapped parking spaces. We also provide custom pavement markings for your needs.

Speed-Bumps and Speed-Humps

Yes, there is a difference in speed bumps and speed humps; Eosso Brothers installs both. Fortunately, we know the differences and regulations of which one is required where so you don’t have to. We will also inform you if and when signs for them are mandated by property codes.

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