Sealcoating for Preventative Maintenance

Sealcoating is a simple preventative maintenance process that protects and greatly extends the life of pavement. The key to good quality pavement is in maintenance. Just like oil in a car has to be changed and a yard must be mowed, pavement has to be maintained to keep it at its best.

Eosso Brothers Paving uses a refined coal tar emulsion sealer with additives for the sealcoating process. Large areas are applied through a spray where smaller areas and driveways are done by hand with large application brushes. Sealcoating is part of ever preventative maintenance plan (and is essential for our extended warranty): it is the easiest way to protect your pavement investment, keeping asphalt in the best condition possible.

Why Sealcoat

  • Prevent water damage – water deteriorates pavement faster than anything. Sealcoating prevents water from seeping through pavement, causing damage.

  • Protective Layer – Sealcoating protects pavement from water, salt, weather, gas and other petrol-based chemicals, all of which cause damage to pavement.
  • Save money and increase investment value – you’ll get on average at least twice the lifespan on your pavement with proper sealcoating.

  • Restore appearance – sealcoating makes your pavement look like new!

Crack Filling & Minor Repairs

As a part of the preventative maintenance process, all cracks are filled in with hot rubberized filler prior to sealcoating. Filling in cracks as they become apparent is important so they don’t expand into bigger problems. Learn more about crack filling on our repair page.

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