More Estimates Completed in Less Time for Eosso Brothers Paving

More Estimates Completed in Less Time for Eosso Brothers Paving

Since 1992, Eosso Brothers Paving, Inc. has been earning respect and praise in the communities they serve. Located in central New Jersey, Eosso Brothers Paving provides complete paving services for commercial, residential and industrial customers. As they would say, “When you think Asphalt: Think Eosso Brothers Paving.” They are renowned for being the first company in the state to use infrared machines. For their innovation and excellence they have gained a reputation of leaving behind quality work and pushing the limits of customer service.

To help them achieve this Eosso Brothers employs a full-time office, with two estimators, and three year round crews. They provide them with state-of-the-art technology and equipment ensuring top performance from the time the bid is due until the pavement lines dry. In keeping with the company’s technology growths, they recently upgraded their estimating department with the new Microsoft NET & SQL Server version of BID2WIN.

For the last seven years they have been estimating and bidding with PowerBid, the first estimating program developed by BID2WIN, and it was time they made a change. “PowerBid was not versatile enough to grow with our company,” says Thomas Eosso, vice president/estimator. “I received the BID2WIN demo CD and it looked .

like it was only for very large contractors,” explained Thomas. Then he called BID2WIN and was quickly shown on-screen how their PowerBid information would work in BID2WIN

After upgrading to BID2WIN Thomas and Gary Eosso went to BID2WIN’s headquarters in Portsmouth, NH for training. “I met all the guys when we went to BID2WIN’s facility, they’re true professionals,” proclaims Thomas. Once back at their office they started using BID2WIN immediately. “It is much easier bidding a project when you completely understand your true costs,” said Thomas. “For the work we do, BID2WIN automatically does the work for us when you put in proposed item quantities,” explains Thomas.

Thomas frequently bids on similar jobs and uses BID2WIN to save himself time while streamlining their operations. “I can duplicate previous bids, change customer information, put my sizes in, and have a bid in less than 15 minutes. It is actually fun to use the software. I look forward to using the software and if I ever have any questions the technical support line is there for me.”

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